Perhaps a shot of early spring is just what you need.
January has been alternately frosty and not-so-cold but gloomy in Toronto, so who can blame us for fantasizing about a trip south? What I’m yearning for is spring and the fact that it’s sunny with highs in and around 20C this week in Mesa, Arizona has me thinking about the remarkable experience about to arrive there in about a month. The Sonoran desert comes to life with a colourful transformation in February and early March that’s guaranteed to change your thinking about these areas as a dry and lifeless places.
I visited Arizona last April and wrote about the many outdoor activities around Mesa for Explore Magazine. You can read about it here.
This gallery has some photos I took on the Wind Cave Trail in Mesa’s Usery Mountain Regional Park and at the Desert Botanical Garden in Papago Park, Phoenix that show the colourful beauty of a desert spring. And yes, that is a real roadrunner. Beep-beep.
(Photos by Linda Barnard, all rights reserved)